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Breed Specific Duffle BagBreed Specific Duffle BagHigh thread count, beautifully embroidered dog breed of your choice duffle bag. Choose from 117 Dog Breeds. The text reads I (heart) My, then the dog breed and under that the name of the breed. We will personalize your name or your dogs name on the bag end panel for FREE- Just put your name in the space provided.
Dog Agility Starter KitDog Agility Starter KitBuy this Starter Kit for a fraction of the cost of dog agility equipment currently on the market!
Embroidered Agility HoodieEmbroidered Agility HoodieWe are offering our agility hoodies in five sizes and two styles. These hoodies are a very nice heavy weight 10.5oz sweatshirt. Down the left arm is the word Agility, on the top of the right arm we have embroidered a graphic of a winners ribbon with the text, “My Champion” over the top and on the bottom we will embroider your dogs name, FREE. On the front left there is a hurdle and under that we will embroider your name
Fun Agility T-ShirtsFun Agility T-ShirtsFun Agility T-shirts, choose from two graphic styles and 4 size choices. Our designer t-shirts are dyed with a permanent dye and they wash and dry beautifully. These are a special shirt designed for this dye process and I can’t say enough about the quality of these shirts. They wash and wear better than any T-shirt I have ever worn. They are cotton on the inside of the shirt that is next to your skin and on the outside they are polyester, making them supple.
Training ApronTraining ApronThis handy Training Apron is made from heavy denierpoly backed fabric that is pvc backed. The backing makes easy clean up. The apron is 18" wide and 7" long. The 3 pockets expand for easy access into them. The pockets are 6"x6" with top expansion. The color is black with black nylon trim. All seams are double stitched for strength.
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Dog Agility Equipment
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 Have you ever thought about doing some agility training with your dog?  Well, If you are not sure whether you want to heavily invest in it or if you decide that this is something that you want to do with your dog, we have the equipment for you

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15' Chute & Tunnel - Blue15' Chute & Tunnel - Blue15 feet dog chute agility practice tunnel. This durable tunnel is designed to train, exercise, and entertain your pet. Royal Blue - best color for dogs! Made by UV prevented 600D Dacron (not cheap 400D) withstands your pet's running and scratching. Its light-weight storage design is perfect for backyard practice or outdoor training. You can take it anywhere in the carrying case with your lovely pet!
15' Practice Tunnel15' Practice TunnelThese wonderful practice tunnels are made of a sturdy material similar to canvas, yet weighs only 15 lbs. They resist dogs nails and can get wet and dry without harm to the tunnel. (storing it when not in use is recommended for even longer life however). It is 15' Long with a 24" diameter opening. You can use it straight or curved. It condenses up for portability, and the spring coil is sewn internally so the dog can't catch on anything when running through it.
8' Chute Combo8' Chute ComboTotally portable! This wonderful closed tunnel "Combo" comes with a FABRIC BARREL, a CHUTE, and a carrying BAG - all for one low price. The lightweight rip-stop nylon chute is 8' long, and attaches to the end of a 3 foot fabric tunnel (made of a heavier canvas-like material) with velcro strips. The tunnel has a 24" diameter. The wire rings (in the tunnel) are sewn internally in the lining (nothing will catch on the dog). Comes with a small stake-down kit. The tunnel compacts up (like a slinky)
9' Practice Tunnel9' Practice TunnelThese wonderful practice tunnels are made of a sturdy material similar to canvas, yet weighs only 10 lbs. They resist dogs nails and can get wet and dry without harm to the tunnel. (storing it when not in use is recommended for even longer life however). It is 9' Long with a 22" diameter opening. You can use it straight or curved. It condenses up for portability, and the spring coil is sewn internally so the dog can't catch on anything when running through it.
AD Aluminum Hurdle JumpAD Aluminum Hurdle JumpThe AD Aluminum Hurdle Jump is durable and so easy to use. The hurdle height adjusts quickly to the marked height measurements on each of the uprights. There are 12 height settings of: 4”, 6”, 8", 10", 12”, 14" 16”, 18", 20”, 22", 24" and 26”. The Cross Bar falls away easily for the safety purposes.The frame is sturdy aluminum which has been powder coated a translucent blue color. The bar is constructed from a light PVC. The hurdle comes with a light weight bag for easy storage and transport.
AD AluminumTire JumpAD AluminumTire JumpThe AD Agility Tire Jump is light, durable, and easy to use. This jump uses the same construction as the Hurdle. The aluminum frame will not rust and does not suffer from Ultra-Violet (UV) degradation. The powder coated translucent blue color looks great and is non-toxic, unlike PVC. The high impact polymer connectors provide effortless and repeated set-up and take down. The tire is suspension mounted for safety and has variable height adjustments from 4" through 36". The price includes the stuf
AD Hurdle 4 PackAD Hurdle 4 PackThis Hurdle 4 Pack is a great deal! Save nearly $160.00 buy purchasing all four hurdles at the same time. This is an amazing saveings. The AD Aluminum Hurdle Jump is durable and so easy to use. The hurdle height adjusts quickly to the marked height measurements on each of the uprights.
Agility In A Bag SetAgility In A Bag SetIt's amazing! Six popular obstacles that fit into a carrying bag and weighs only 18 lbs Sling this portable practice agility course over your shoulder and practice at parks, beaches, camping, or anywhere you want
Agility Starter PackAgility Starter PackThis Agility Starter Pack is a terriffic deal. We have included our new Tire Jump, 15' Tunnel & Chute, 18' Tunnel, and a 4-Pack of Aluminum Hurdles. If just starting out in the agility sport this starter pack is perfect. And for the more advanced, this is a great way to update equipment.
Aluminum Agility A-FrameAluminum Agility A-FrameWe are very excited to bring our large 3’ X 9’ regulation size Agility A-Frame to the market. This agility A-Frame has an aluminum constructed frame, much like our Schutzhund Scaling Wall in design. It features our exclusive unique laser cut folding hinge system that makes this A-Frame unlike any other. Because of this design our A-Frame it is very easy to take apart for storage and transporting
Channel Weave Set (6 or 12 poles)Channel Weave Set (6 or 12 poles)One of the newest methods of training the weave poles that is gaining in popularity is the "channel method", in which two parallel rows of weave poles are put side by side, but offset in such a way that the dog has a center "channel" to run down. At first your dog is not weaving (just getting a treat by running through to the other end). But by slowly bringing the poles closer together, inch-by-inch, your dog will begin to weave without him even knowing it! When all poles are eventually brought fully together it is a straight line of poles, and if you are patient and don't rush the channel process, your dog will come to "understand" weaving and be less apt to miss poles in the future!
Chute and Tunnel ComboChute and Tunnel ComboThis institutional strength dog-training chute/tunnel combo is made to be durable and easy to use. One end of the 3ft tunnel has a Velcro lip for securing one of the two chutes, 8ft and 12ft.
Closed Tunnel & Chute "ComboClosed Tunnel & Chute "ComboBeginner's Intro: Chutes are a part of an obstacle called the "Closed Tunnel", which is comprised of a flat chute attached to a short tunnel-like opening (typically a barrel in competitions). It is a common obstacle used in every level of agility. Totally portable! This wonderful closed tunnel "Combo" comes with a FABRIC BARREL, a CHUTE, and a CARRYING BAG - all for one low price.
Competition Adjustable JumpCompetition Adjustable JumpThis is a top quality jump that meets all the standards for AKC and USDAA trial specifications. There are 12 height adjustments from 4" to 26" (every 2") and the heights are clearly marked (engraved) on the side bars for quick and easy changes!
Competition Panel JumpCompetition Panel JumpThe challenge of the panel jump is that the dog has to clear what looks a solid wall to him. The panel jump is also an agility obstacle that is used in obedience trials (as is the broad jump). The "wall" is made of 6 individual panels that rest on 12 pairs of jump cups. This jump conforms entirely to AKC/USDAA standards.
Competition Tire JumpCompetition Tire JumpOur competition-quality Tire Jump is made to the specifications required by the trial organizations. The frame is made of 1 1/4" piping and disassembles into 6 pieces for easy storage. The tire is made of hollow plastic tubing, attached at the top with chain, and held secure on the sides (from rocking) with a sliding shock-cord support.
Crawl TunnelCrawl TunnelThe crawl tunnel is a unique obstacle that is used in UKC trials. It is also used in K9 training to challenge the dogs to crawl through low places to get to a target location and retrieve something. The height of the fabric roof is adjustable. Start it off high, then as your dog is crawling through to the other side you can lower the roof even more. Before long your dog will become so confident in crawling that he might voluntarily offer to crawl under your bed to retrieve your slippers!
Dog Walk Base KitDog Walk Base KitAn engineered masterpiece, these ultra-sturdy plastic bases are lightweight for transport, and feature carefully placed cross-supports that alleviate all sway and bounce. These can be used for backyard use or competitions. They can also be folded flat for storage. Some assembly required.
Doggie DrencherDoggie DrencherPerfect for the "dog days" of summer, this exclusive new creation from Affordable Agility is sure to be the newest rage! Simply hook your garden hose to the special attachment on the frame, and adjust the water pressure to the desired spray setting. Water will spray out of the dozens of holes inside the frame, forming a virtual "wall" of water your dog has to run through! It is a blast to watch, and it will become a favorite new obstacle for the backyard, doggie daycares, humane societies, etc.
French Style Wings for Dog Agility JumpsFrench Style Wings for Dog Agility Jumps"Wings" are decorative accessories for dressing up your jumps. Wings add flair, color, and a "doggy distraction" to courses...but more importantly, the additional space on each side of the jump makes the dog have to jump farther away from you - thus the challenge of "distance work" that jumps with wings offer!
Hurdle JumpHurdle JumpPerfect for backyard practice. This no-nonsense jump is a scaled-down "economy" version of our competition jumps, utilizing a smaller pipe size and a SINGLE pair of snap-on "cups" to hold up the top bar. Like our competition jumps, the top bar displaces (falls off) if the dog hits it, and the bottom bar is "fixed", allowing you to pick up the jump and move it without the bars falling off. The top bar is adjustable by sliding the jump cups up and down.
Hurdle Jump w/carrying bagHurdle Jump w/carrying bagOur light-weight design Hurdle Jump is very affordable and has some great new features. First, we have changed the frame construction to an all aluminum frame. Aluminum does not attract heat and will not rust. The frame is light-weight, yet sturdy. The hurdle jump’s new design also gives you the option of any height adjustment you need. This is a nice feature for training new dogs or starting a young dog. You can easily adjust the height by simply loosening the rubber "easy grip" turn knobs
LadderLadderMany dogs don't know they have back feet! They go where their noses and eyes lead them, and everything else just kind of follows. Some trainers use and/or recommend a horizontal ladder to help dogs learn that they have back feet and also learn what to do with them. By having the dog walk inside the rungs, it helps the dog gain confidence on the dogwalk, teeter, or anywhere it must use all four feet quickly and accurately!
Lattice Wing JumpLattice Wing JumpThe lattice wing jump is common in trials and competitions. This is because it takes the relatively simple act of jumping to another level… getting your dog to jump farther away from you. For many dogs who are more 'clingy' to their owner's side (and for some owners who like them closer), this presents an additional challenge.
Practice Broad JumpPractice Broad JumpA common obstacle in all levels of agility, the challenge of this strange looking jump is for your dog to jump over the boards, in-between the 4 marker poles (not run on top of it or sideways through the poles)

Note: This ascending Broad Jump is also the kind used in obedience work
Practice Teeter BasePractice Teeter BaseYou won't be up and down about this choice! One of the best designs available in a practice base, you'll be quite pleased with the uv-resistant plastic piping that never needs painting, and the pull-out DETACHABLE fulcrum which allows you to quickly remove the board from the base. It also features visual "side-bars" so the dog can see where the pivoting center of the board is. It is 24" tall (competition height) and is strong enough to hold the weight of 10 men! (but don't try this at home - it's too outrageous
Practice Tire JumpPractice Tire JumpThis fun and simple practice tire jump makes a wonderful addition to your obstacle course. Our special lightweight design makes it very easy take setup and to move around
Tire JumpTire JumpThis fun and simple practice tire jump will make a wonderful addition to your obstacle course. A special lightweight design makes it very easy to move around, and when not in use, it comes apart in only 4 pieces. The tire is made of 3" thick foam sections that connect to form a hoop with a 24" diameter opening. The
Triple JumpTriple JumpThe triple jump is an obstacle that most people add to their course later on, but more often than not, it is an obstacle that many dogs stumble over in an agility trial! The challenge is for your dog to clear the jump by not only jumping high, but *long*. This is also why it is sometimes called a "Spread Jump"
Weave Wire GuidesWeave Wire GuidesThese Weave Pole Wire Guides are Easy on - Easy off - No sag design! Wire guides are a popular training aid for the weave poles. They help to provide your dog a "pathway" for weaving. After he runs through several times you can slowly (over the course of the days or weeks that you practice), inch-by-inch slide the wires above your dog's line of sight
Weaver Poles w/BaseWeaver Poles w/BaseAgility trainers all say the same thing. Because the weaves are the hardest for your dog to master, it is essential to have a set at home! And if you get a set that can be used both outside and inside, all the better! Here is a set that is lightweight, portable, and also very versatile. The poles can be used fixed (straight up and down) or adjustable (slanted), similar to what is called the "weave-a-matic" method.

TDAA & Teacup Agility

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6 foot Practice Tunnel for small dogs6 foot Practice Tunnel for small dogsThe perfect solution for an affordable, yet durable tunnel for backyard practice! Featuring a steel coil that is sewn inside the lining (nothing will catch on the dog), and likeTeacup Tire Jump a big slinky it condenses up for easy lightweight storage. The material is made of heavyweight dacron polyester fabric. It is durable, resists the roughness of dogs claws, yet weighs only between 8-12 lbs! Color is Royal Blue with Red Stripes on the coils. 19" diameter for small dogs.
Teacup Adjustable JumpTeacup Adjustable JumpPerfect for backyard practice or competition. This no-nonsense TDAA dog jump is a small dogs' dream! It fits the preferences for TDAA competition, featuring a displaceable bar held up by a par of snap-on 'cups'. You can set the height as desired The entire jump is made out of 1" O.D. UV-stabilized, light weight, furniture grade plastic. It is 30" wide, and the uprights are 24" tall. Free decorative tape for the poles, easy assembly instructions and training tips are included.
Teacup Pause TableTeacup Pause TableMeet the Pause Table, the infamous place where your speeding bullet has to stop and rest for a loooong torturous 5 seconds - a challenge for many energetic dogs! Affordable Agility is pleased to offer you a practical solution in this ultra-sturdy Pause Table. Easy assembly instructions and training tips are included.
Teacup Six Pole Fixed WeavesTeacup Six Pole Fixed WeavesAgility trainers agree...Agility trainers agree...The weaves are the hardest for your dog to master, so it is essential to have a set at home. Here is an affordable practice set that can be used indoors or out.
Teacup TeeterTeacup TeeterOur Teacup teeter is designed to be the best available on the market. It's easy to set up and take down, and it's only eight feet long and ten and a half inches wide- the perfect size for a small dog, and built to TDAA competition preferences!
Teacup Tire JumpTeacup Tire JumpThis tire jump is the cutest darn jump we've ever made! It's made to TDAA's competition preferences, which means it's perfect for toy dogs to use for serious practice and competition. This is sure to be a course favorite.
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