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A Working Dog-Emergency First Aid DVDA Working Dog-Emergency First Aid DVDIf you own a dog, this new K-9 first aid DVD is for you. The updated first aid section has many new topics for working, hunting, and family pet dogs. You will learn the latest information about poisons, heart problems, bloat & torsion, new CPR standards based on the American Heart Association's new CPR guidelines, and much, much more. If you a working dog handler in law enforcement, the military, search and rescue, or a pet owner this new program will give you knowlege to treat and be aware of medical problems and first aid techniques for your dog
Book of the German Shepherd DogBook of the German Shepherd DogBook of the German shepherd Dog
Click for Joy by Melissa C AlexanderClick for Joy by Melissa C AlexanderEverywhere dogs and their people gather, clicking - and questions about clicker training - can be heard. Now Melissa C. Alexander, moderator of the online discussion forum ClickerSolutions, has gathered clear and accurate answers for over one hundred commonly asked questions about clicker training in one essential reference. Click for Joy! is packed with information experienced trainers and newcomers alike can put to use immediatel
Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive DogClick to Calm: Healing the Aggressive DogLearn a path-breaking, effective approach from someone who's been there When Emma Parsons, canine trainer and behavior consultant, discovered that Ben, her own prized golden retriever, was aggressive toward other dogs and that traditional remedies took his reactivity to nightmarish levels, she turned to clicker training.
Clicker Magic DVD by Karen PryorClicker Magic DVD by Karen PryorKaren Pryor teaches you all the techniques and essentials you will need to have your pet clicker trained in no time! There are 20 live demonstrations by Karen and other top trainers. See how it works with young and old dogs, cats, a mule and even a fish! Long considered the standard, Clicker Magic provides a solid introduction and inspiring, fantastic footage.
Clicker Train your own Assistance Dog - 4 DVD setClicker Train your own Assistance Dog -  4 DVD setThis is a unique and wonderful program for learning how to clicker train the essential skills that make a good service dog. This course is presented on four video DVDs and includes a downloadable text manual. Each scene includes on-screen script for the hearing impaired, and simultaneous narration for the visually impaired. This program is for people with impairments, perhaps in wheelchairs, who are using a service dog. Barbara Handelman shows you how to turn that dog into a superb partner and assistant, through your own training.
Clicker Training - The Perfect FoundationClicker Training - The Perfect FoundationDo you want to learn how to become a top clicker trainer? Take your clicker training to the next level with one of the world’s top trainers, Kay Laurence. Combining material from Laurence’s very successful Foundation and Novice books, her latest edition guides you through the essential steps needed to broaden your skills and deepen your understanding of the key clicker principles. Learn how and why the clicker works, how to use and manage rewards and add names to behaviors, and basic shaping and targeting techniques
Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen PryorDon't Shoot the Dog by Karen PryorThis is the "Bible" on positive reinforcement training, or operant conditioning, and how it works - with people, and of course with animals. Fun to read too! Over 300,000 in print. Karen Pryor's clear and entertaining explanation of behavioral training methods made "Don't Shoot the Dog" a bestselling classic! Now this revised edition, published by Bantam, presents more of her insights into animal and human behavior.
Getting Started - Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen PryorGetting Started - Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen PryorThrough several editions, and a name change to Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs, this classic has served up just the right portion of science and practical tips for anyone to understand why clicker training works so well, and the first steps to building a new system of communication and deeper bond with their dog. Now, this powerful little book has become more helpful than ever in a new edition packed with step-by-step photographs of dogs and their handlers.
Puppy Love DVD by Karen PryorPuppy Love DVD by Karen PryorThis Puppy Love DVD features scientist Karen Pryor introducing "Clicker Training," the pet-friendly way to raise a great family dog. You'll love what this DVD will do for your new puppy and for you! Great for adopted dogs and shelter dogs, too.
Reaching the Animal Mind- the Clicker Training Method by Karen PryorReaching the Animal Mind- the Clicker Training Method by Karen PryorThis is a book about loving, understanding, and communicating with animals. Animals are a lot smarter and more aware than we used to think. Now you can share my personal experiences training and communicating with animals ranging from an elephant to a hermit crab. You’ll learn how you, too, can bring out the intelligence, personality, warmth, even humor, in dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, and have fun doing it, too.” by Karen Pryor
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