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Girth Strap Cover Tiny VestGirth Strap Cover Tiny VestThis item number is for a girth strap cover for that Tiny Dog Vest. The cover is simple to use and can be added to any Tiny Dog Vest. Both ends are open so you can just slide the cover onto the girth strap.
Rocker Patches (Arch & Inverted)707560RkRocker Patches (Arch & Inverted)707560RkRocker Arch patches can be used alone or with one of our specialty patches. They fit nicely with the round and shield shape patches. Choose from 14 Rocker Arch Patch sayings: SERVICE DOG-HEARING DOG-SEIZURE DOG-ASSISTING DOG-THERAPY DOG-MOBILITY DOG-GUIDE DOG-MEDICAL ALERT DOG-DOG AT WORK-DO NOT PET-K9w/Handicap Symbol-PLEASE PET ME-CERTIFIED-IN-TRAINING-ASK TO PET.
1 Specialty Patches1 Specialty PatchesThe Specialty Patches are designed for puppies to senior dogs who are in training or have completed training as working service dogs. These colored specialty patches will be very visible on your dogs' vest, your clothing, or gear bag. We use polyester, high sheen, embroidery threads on all of our embroidery work. Polyester thread is stronger and more resilient than rayon. These are high thread count patches which makes the lettering and designs stand out.
Law Enforcement PatchesLaw Enforcement PatchesThese are patches for police, sheriff, K9 Law Enforcement, or K-9 Unit dogs. These patches measure 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. This is a heavy backed patch. White letters on black background. You must be working with a Police department, Military, or government agency to purchase this patch. Upon checking out please put your departments phone number and or your badge number in the comment box so we may verify your information.
Chest to Girth Strap SupportChest to Girth Strap SupportChest to Girth Support Strap is a support strap that can be added to our vests or harnesses.  It is easy to put on and take off with the hook & loop type closure.  The front part of the Chest to Girth Support Strap covers the dog's breast bone and has safety reflective materials on the front of it.  This support strap works especially well with vest that have packs on them because it keep the vest and packs in the upright position.  This Chest to Girth Support Strap goes down the chest through the front legs under the belly of the dog and attaches around the girth strap of your vest or harness.  
HEAT PAX™ Air Activated WarmerHEAT PAX™ Air Activated WarmerSimple and easy to use, works great inside ThermaFur™ coats and pads, and many other applications. Safe, non-electric.
Track Jacket ™ from Ruff WearTrack Jacket ™ from Ruff WearYou barked for it, and we listened. The “blaze” is back! Your active adventure dog will enjoy the fit and the comfort that this reflective safety jacket provides while he tracks the next great smell. You will appreciate the intense visibility when you’re tracking his course. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or running, this safety jacket offers ultimate visibility during hunting season and in low-light conditions.
Pet Tent & ShelterPet Tent & ShelterA comfortable place for your pet to escape the elements when outdoors. Assembles and breaks down in minutes.Made with durable high quality waterproof materials Lightweight and easy to transport
bark’n boots™ polar trex™ from Ruffwearbark’n boots™ polar trex™ from RuffwearCross-country skiing, back country skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, skijoring, mountaineering, hiking and walking in snow, ice and other cold and inclement weather conditions.
Bark’n Boots Summit Trex™ from RuffwearBark’n Boots Summit Trex™ from RuffwearSummit Trex™
everyday paw protection

• Ruffwear-designed, non-marking outsole offers flexible traction and is built for high-mileage
• Integrated stretch gaiter protects leg and locks out dirt and debris
• Moisture stays out via weather-resistant upper
• Reliable, intuitive hook and loop cinch strap
• Low-light visibility with reflective trim
The Beacon™from Ruff WearThe Beacon™from Ruff WearThe Beacon™ uses four light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a halo of high-visibility red light around your dog. Emits light in four directions—forward left, forward right, backward, and straight up. Dog-ready design is sturdy, compact, watertight, lightweight, and easy to use. Lifetime LED bulbs never need replacing.
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A Search & Rescue Style VestA Search & Rescue Style VestThis service vest is the same as our Search & Rescue Harness Vest but now comes in two sizes and all 11 of our colors. It is not only comfortable for your working dog but it is also stable
A Swamp Cooler™from Ruff WearA Swamp Cooler™from Ruff WearBeat the heat, staying cool while active: Hiking and biking in the desert, summer walking, playing on the beach, boating on open water under full sun, and backyard play in the sun. Stay cool while also waiting for your turn during outdoor agility trials, dog shows and other events. On a warm sunny day, hot dogs will trot for the shade, lie down, and pant the heat away. They need an airconditioner— a Swamp Cooler—to stay cool, happy and active.
Best Reflective Safety Vest w/No handleBest Reflective Safety Vest w/No handleThis Reflective Safety Vest is more than a mere safety cape. During day or night hours the harness is a highly visible vest. In the same manner that we construct all our vests we have designed and constructed this reflective vest. Using the best materials the exterior is made from sturdy 1000 denier blaze orange fabric. This is a very bright material with a durable finish. The interior lining is soft orange fleece for added comfort to the dog. There is a reflective grab handle for the handler
Climate Changer™ Fleece Jacket from RuffWearClimate Changer™ Fleece Jacket from RuffWearIdeal for cold and clear conditions while trail running, hiking, and for in-town excursions. Provides outstanding warmth and insulation from the elements. Give your dog an extra layer of fur with this cozy fleece. A streamlined fit, clever use of reflective tape, and award winning use of Polartec® material make this the best dog fleece on the market! A convenient zipper on the left side of the jacket allows for easy on/off. Ideal for cold and clear conditions.
Cloud Chaser™ Soft Shell Jacket from Ruff WearCloud Chaser™ Soft Shell Jacket from Ruff WearIt’s raining cats and dogs outside, and you and your pup are out in it having fun. Rain, snow, and cold change the scenery, but they don’t change your best friend’s overwhelming need to get outside and go. Pull on the Cloud Chaser and watch you buddy turn into an all-weather adventurer, ready to take on Mother Nature’s toughest. After all it’s not just the gear you wear, it’s what you do in it.
Cold Weather Field CoatCold Weather Field CoatOur Cold Weather Field Coat is made with two layers of fabric. The top layer is a 1000 denier nylon fabric/urethane coated. The lining is a soft fleece material. All seams are bound and reinforced. It has an adjustable girth strap.

This coat provides comfort to those dogs that work outdoors in cold weather. The coat slips over the dog's head, under its chest and buckles around the girth. The coat covers much of the dog's back. The leg openings are cut high enough to allow good movement while providing coverage and protection for the chest.

Water proof and fleece lined
Cold Weather Service Dog CoatCold Weather Service Dog CoatOur Service Dog Cold Weather Coat was designed to give a little comfort to those working dogs that face the cold weather elements daily. The dogs jackets are very easy to put on the dog as they slip over the dogs head and have an adjustable girth strap. The buckle for the girth strap is set back on the padded part of the strap flap so it will never rub against the dog.
Fleece Lined RaincoatFleece Lined RaincoatThis is a raincoat that is super high quality in design and construction. This is a generous size and works almost like a poncho as the water runs off the coat. It is made of water and wind resistant nylon and lined with fleece. The fleece makes the dogs jackets stay in place on the service dog as well as added warmth.
Hunting Dog Mesh VestHunting Dog Mesh VestOur hunting gun dog Mesh Vest is much like the mesh vest in our service dog section with the difference being there are no patches and no LED light on this vest. Our hunting mesh vest is no flimsy piece of mesh strapped over the dogs back. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind. This is an excellent vest for water dogs. This Mesh Vest is actually a vest your dog can work and swim in.
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog CoatHyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog CoatOur combination of unique fabrics creates a water management system. Our unique HyperKewl™ fabric absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered material. Water is “released” through evaporation, energy is consumed, and a chill eect is created. Our HyperKewl™ fabric actually cools the body exactly the same way the body cools itself ... through evaporation.
Illuminated VestIlluminated VestOur Illuminated Vest is the most visible vest you can buy. It is highly noticeable both day and evening and the safest vest possible for visibility. This vest has been in product development for two years and great thought has gone into developing this vest. With the new technology for illumination we are now able to present this vest into the market place. The color of this vest is bright white but not to worry because the entire vest is covered in clear vinyl so it is very easy to wipe off any dirt or soil. The Illuminated Vest has blue lights that encompass the entire perimeter of the vest and also over the dogs back as well.
K-9 Overcoat™ from Ruff WearK-9 Overcoat™ from Ruff WearSometimes nature's coat just isn't enough. When dogs join us on our adventures, they can become uncomfortably, even dangerously cold when exposed to the harsh elements. The K-9 Overcoat™ reduces loss of core body heat, protecting dogs from wind, rain, snow, brush, and burrs. The integrated chest panel with adjustable side release buckles provides a custom fit that remains securely in place throughout vigorous activities. Great features with updated colors and recycled polyester shell and lining
Mesh Bag VestMesh Bag VestFor our Mesh Bag Vest, we have taken concepts on from our Day Trip Pack Vest and our Mesh Vest, and combined them to create our Mesh Bag Vest. This vest addresses the need for a lightweight air breathing vest that has the ability to carry items such as water bottles.
Mesh VestMesh VestThis Mesh Canine Vest is actually a vest your service dog can work in. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind. This is an excellent canine vest for those water rescue dogs and those service dogs who work in the summer heat of our southern states
Omnijore™ joring system from RuffWearOmnijore™ joring system from RuffWearAny dog-pulling activity such as skijoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, bikejoring, or canicross. Enjoy joring all year long in any climate conditions.
Padded Harness VestPadded Harness VestPadded Harness Vest (Canine Harnesses) for your Service, Therapy, K-9 dog. This Harness Vest is of the highest quality construction
Portsmouth Foul Weather Coat by KurgoPortsmouth Foul Weather Coat by KurgoThe perfect accessory for every stroll with your favorite travel companion. A tailored waterproof design offers a dry and comfortable fit no matter what the weather, while the fun vintage pattern brightens everyone’s day.
quinzee™ WARM, LIGHTWEIGHT INSULATION from Ruffwearquinzee™ WARM, LIGHTWEIGHT INSULATION from RuffwearProvides weather-resistant warmth in between activities in extreme cold or inclement weather
Reversible Blanket CoatReversible Blanket CoatThis dog blanket coat is a great concept. It is similar to a horse blanket only it is for your service dog. Our blanket coat is reversible. Both the belly and chest straps are adjustable. These straps are 2” wide nylon webbing (XS is narrower webbing) with Velcro which keeps the blanket coat secure. One side is fashionable quilted poly filled nylon in black and the other side is quilted fleece.
S&R Hi Vis HarnessS&R Hi Vis HarnessThe S&R Hi Vis Double Girth Harness has several unique features that make it very functional for the working dog.  This harness has two girth straps, this is a great feature making the harness more stable on the dog when tracking.  The harness has two D-rings one on the neck area of the harness and the other on the back of the harness.  When working a long line it can be attached to the back D-ring.  This not only gives the dog better free movement but the line tends to tangle less around the dog because it is attached up on the lower part of the dogs back.  The chest area has reflective webbing and is padded and lined with Sherpa. 
SaddleBag Harness VestSaddleBag Harness VestThis item is two piece SaddleBag Harness Vest for your Service, Therapy, or S&R dog. These canine harnesses are of the highest quality. This vest is loaded with quality and features. It is padded and made of two layers of weather resistant denier polyester fabric. The SaddleBag Harness is very easy to put on the dog as it fits over the dogs head and has one wide girth strap to snap shut.
Surf-n-Turf Coat by KurgoSurf-n-Turf Coat by KurgoThe Kurgo Surf n Turf Coat is both a life vest and a three season shell in one. Intended to comfortably fit your active dog in the water, the flotation layer can easily be removed for a perfect fit waterproof shell. As an add on component the Kurgo Wander Coat can be inserted into the shell for extra warmth during those colder seasons.
TECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog CoatTECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat• Specially designed for working dogs, these cooling vests use our Phase Change Cooling Material to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around your dog Ideal for working dogs (police, military, etc) or other canines that work or recreate in high heat conditions Outer Material is 100% Cotton 58F/14C Cool Pax™ are great for all climates, activates quickly and will last for hours
THERMAFUR™ Air Activated Heating Dog CoatTHERMAFUR™ Air Activated Heating Dog CoatSoft, durable, 100% polyester softshell fleece with built-in Mini Warmer pockets strategically placed for critical heat distribution. Pullover style coat is wind, rain, and snow repellent, and secures around belly with adjustable closure to deliver warmth and comfort to your pet. Great to use while out for a walk during cold weather.
Thundershirt Dog Anxiety TreatmentThundershirt Dog Anxiety TreatmentThundershirt - the Best Solution for Dog Anxiety. Thundershirt is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers around the world. 
Tiny Dog Mesh VestTiny Dog Mesh VestThe Tiny Dog Mesh Vest is no flimsy piece of mesh strapped over the dogs back. This Mesh Vest is actually a vest your dog can work in and is made from the same mesh fabrics that the large dog vest is made from. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind.
Total Reflective Dog VestTotal Reflective Dog VestThe design of this vest is simple yet powerful in purpose. We wanted to create an affordable vest that was for safety and protection for your dog during those evening hours. Reflective products are generally expensive but we knew we wanted to design a vest that was affordable for everyone to own as a second evening hour vest. The Total Reflective Dog Vest meets that need.
Wander Coat by KurgoWander Coat by KurgoThe Kurgo Wander Coat is made of three different layers for a cozy three season coat. A water proof top combined with a quilted membrane and fleece inside acts as a thin insulation layer for your active dog during the cooler seasons. This coat also doubles as an interchangeable insert for our Kurgo Surf n Turf flotation coat.
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