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ID Badges

ID Badges
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This is for the both the Horizontal & Vertical style ID

Badges. We have recently upgraded our ID Badges to a new plastic card material that is 30 milligrams thick. We are no longer offering the older style laminated ID card. These new ID Badges are prepared using a professional resin thermal encoder machine. It is the same type machine that you would see a driver’s license prepared with. The result is a professional, durable and longer lasting card. Each card is double sided and has an embedded hologram into the top side of the card, making these cards a top of the line ID card with an added security feature of the hologram.

On the back of the Service Dog cards we put the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Federal law access information. This information is very helpful for those with a service dog as it covers the issue of permitted public access. On the back of the Therapy Dog or Search & Rescue ID's we put a statement about the work that these dogs perform.

This horizontal style ID works great in our vests that have clear window pockets but it can still be hung through the snap hook that our Cape Vest or the Padded Harness Vest have. We also have a variety of clips, lanyards and rings should you need to secure your ID to a bag, coat, collar, etc. The vertical style ID has a slot at the top of the Badge so you can hook it through the snap hook that our Cape Vest or the Padded Harness Vest have. We also have a variety of clips, lanyards and rings should you need to secure your ID to a bag, coat, collar, etc.

Head photo shots of your dog work best, the better photo you send the better your ID Badge will look.

Note about Service vs Therapy Dogs: Service Dogs have public access rights under the ADA law to enter public property with their disabled handler. Therapy Dogs do not have ADA public access rights. A Therapy Dog is one that meets the needs of others, such as visiting nursing homes, hospitals, reading groups, etc. A dog that is therapeutic to its disabled handler is a Service Dog. Choose from twelve layout styles.

Information on the back of the various ID badges:

Service Dog: The handler of the Service Animal has voluntarily presented this ID.  The disabled handler is NOT REQUIRED by Federal Law to do so under the Federal ADA Act or the US FAA & DOT. This service animal and their access to ALL public places and commercial carriers is protected under Federal Law.  For questions concerning the ADA please contact: US Dept. of Justice @ 800-514-0301  DOT @ 202-366-5960 Customer Aviation Protection Division 14CFR part 382

 Therapy Dog: Therapy dogs are trained dogs that assist and meet the needs of many.  This therapy dog is here to serve, comfort, and assist in the health of those it comes in contact with.

S&R: Search & Rescue dogs are working dogs that risk their lives to benefit the welfare and well-being of mankind.  Search & Rescue Working Dogs do just that. They work under hard or distressed conditions to search out those who are in need of rescue. and Juggernaut Enterprises LLC is NOT a certifying agency nor do we hold any responsibility for information that you have us put on your ID Badge. Head photo shots of your dog work best, but is not required. The better photo that you send the better your ID Badge will look.

****PLEASE make sure that information that you give us is spelled correctly. All information MUST be given at time of order.*****

****Don't forget to upload photo of dog. Head shots are usually best. There are NO returns because these are custom generated. If you have a special request or designation, please put that in the area indicated at the time the order is placed. ****

****PLEASE make sure you fill out as much as possible*****

"I received my order from you today with the identification badge, as well as the vest and card. We are so thrilled with everything and you did a great job cropping the picture of Bella! We appreciate your speediness and your care taken with our order.' lisa C


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