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Padded Harness Vest

Padded Harness Vest
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Padded Harness Vest for your Service, Therapy, K-9 dog. This Harness Vest is of the highest quality construction. All seams are reinforced and only the best materials are used for our hard working dogs.

This Harness Vest is made of two layers of weather resistant coated fabric. The inside of the vest is padded for extra comfort on the dog. The Harness Vest is trimmed in black. The color choices are now available in all 11 colors. Your K-9 partner will be highly visible and recognized as working in this Harness Vest. On one side of the harness it has a plastic swivel snap. The snap works handy to attach the ID badge, (sold separately).

The Handle is covered with reflective webbing for safety. The Harness Vest attaches around the dog's girth with a wide quick-release slide buckle. There are no flopping belts on this harness which tend to catch on objects. The Harness Vest fits over the dogs head and then attaches with the snap buckle which is adjustable. The front chest strap has double adjusting slides on it. The label is on every vest

This Harness has three heavy metal welded D-rings. One is at the top of the harness to attach to your leash. The other two D-rings are on the sides of the Harness Vest so that the harness can be used to pull. This Harness Vest was designed for comfort and is not restrictive to the dog because it has only one strap around the belly/chest of the dog. The chest and belly straps are wide making it comfortable around the dog. The vest comes with ONE PATCH OF YOUR CHOICE, (selection is listed below) additional patches can be purchased. With the purchase of any additional patches we will attach them for you free of charge. Two sizes are available in this vest. A size Small with fit 22-26 inches. Medium will fit a girth between 26-31 inches. The size Large will fit a girth between 32-39 inches. .

For measurements see the Measure Chart Page locqted at bottom on screen

Note on Patch Choices: Service Dogs have public access rights under the ADA law to enter public property with their disabled handler. Therapy Dogs do not have ADA public access rights. A Therapy Dog is one that meets the needs of others, such as visiting nursing homes, hospitals, reading groups, etc. A dog that is therapeutic to its disabled handler is a Service Dog.

Meet Phoebe. She's Susan's Service Dog. Phoebe is wearing our Padded Harness Vest
Sam (Susan) Works at Walt Disney studios. She tells me that Phoebe's favorite ride is the Pirates of the Caribbean...

Phoebe is the "Pirate Dog" of the Caribbean


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