Dear Tanya, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both the quality of the service dog harness and ID I received and the awesome service you provided. I will definitely shop with your organization again
DW - Wolfenbarger Kennels
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Pet Pictures-Yours, Mine & Ours

These are a few of our dogs and cats.  Send us a picture of your dog if you are happy with your purchase  and we'll post it as well as your comments on our website.  Thanks for your business.

This is my first dog Minka with me. She was a beautiful black and silver German Shepherd.  She was my best buddy and we grew up together.


Introducing Sako

I got her at 8 weeks old-She was so cute -She's my special girl.

and this is what she looks like now at 8 months.(Mar 2009) 

Sako 8 mo

This is .45 Caliber.  We call him Kane.   This was Mom's B-day present. 

He's a 2 year old German Shepherd Dog...He's so laid back and has such a nice personality, we just had to give him a home and hopefully train him to be a service dog for my Mother.

 Kane Kane 2 1/1 













 This is Kane at the Dog Park March 2009


This is Kane & Sako at 2 1/2 & 8 months old.

Kane has the bone and Sako thinks it should be hers... cAN i HAVE THE BONE?

This was our dog Ceazer.  My folks had a formal portrait done for my brother's birthday.  He was an amazing animal, there is not much that he couldn't be taught to do.

Kane & Sako Nov 09

This is Jake at 9 months with my brothers girlfriend Lisa on Fathers day 2008 and hanging out in the sunroom after splashing around retrieving sticks in the lake!

Jake 9 month Jake 9 mo
This is my cat Kalli.  She's only about 12 weeks old in this picture.  She's a Maine Coon Cat. She's the second Maine Coon that I've had. She's a very funny cat.  I've gotten to really love the Maine Coon Cat breed. I've always had a combination of animals at my house..Horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, and on and on......... 

This is Kalli kitty all grown up. She's nine years old now.  A neighbor took this picture when Kalli was tree climbing last weekend.

This is my first Maine Coon Cat...I call this one Merci & Me! Can you tell that we both just got up! It's hard to tell in this picture, but she has really long hair..So grooming became a big part of the equation. She Weighs 16 lbs!

This is Keisha..My folks kitty. She's a Maine Coon Cat as well. She loves to sleep in the sink!! keisha park model

This is our newest edition: Cinder

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