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1 Specialty Patches1 Specialty PatchesThe Specialty Patches are designed for puppies to senior dogs who are in training or have completed training as working service dogs. These colored specialty patches will be very visible on your dogs' vest, your clothing, or gear bag. We use polyester, high sheen, embroidery threads on all of our embroidery work. Polyester thread is stronger and more resilient than rayon. These are high thread count patches which makes the lettering and designs stand out.
2 x 6 Patch2 x 6 PatchWe use the same patch base that we use on our 2" Embroidered Collar Patch, but have replaced the embroidery with gold or reflective silver material. The edges of these patches are finished and bound with black thread, so no unraveling.

These are not embroidered patches but are a screen printed type patch.

Reflective patches will reflect a light source which will cause them to shine in the dark. The reflective patches add a safety feature to any dog vest, harness, or clothing.

21 LED Flashlight21 LED FlashlightHigh illumination 21 LED light flashlight. With an energy-efficient LED flashlight the batteries will last hours longer than in ordinary flashlights and bulbs last a lifetime. Included is a carry holster that slips onto your belt or hangs from the D-ring. It is made from heavy duty aluminum, shock resistant, lightweight, water resistant and generates no heat.
Badge or Patch CarrierBadge or Patch CarrierOur Badge/Patch Carrier is designed to carry a badge or patch. What makes this Badge/Carrier unique is that on the inside there is a small zipper pocket that you can hide your keys, money, or medication in. The carrier comes with your choice of patch which we sew on for you or no patch if you want to use the carrier to hold your badge. It is made of strong 1000 denier and is double layer so it will be very resilient and can be washed.
Bark’n Boot Liners™ by Ruff WearBark’n Boot Liners™ by Ruff WearOur Bark'n Boot Liners™ will enhance the fit, upgrade the performance, and improve the comfort of dog boots. Designed to be used with our Bark'n Boot™ Grip Trex™ dog boots.
Cetacea Tag-It™Cetacea Tag-It™The Tag-it dog ID tag is one of our most popular accessories, your dog will love it! It allows the user to easily add and remove a dog ID tag to/from their pet's collar, harness or leash. Once you attach the Tag-it to the split ring you will never have to deal with awkward split rings again. Simply loop the Tag-It dog ID tag over the collar and snap using the mini quick release buckle.
Custom Name PatchCustom Name PatchWith our embroidery machine we can do so much and one thing is that you now have a choice of thread color & font style for your custom name patch. Choose the standard white thread or choose the thread color to match your vest color. We can make this patch with your dog’s name, your team’s name, or whatever else you may want to say on the dogs vest. The more letters you have on the patch the smaller the lettering will come out.
Custom Name Patch for 2" CollarCustom Name Patch for 2" CollarYour choice of words to be embroidered on one 1.75"x6" patch that will match the patches for our Patch Collar. Note-The more letters you have on the patch the smaller the print will be, we do not recommend more than 10-12 letters. The color choices are colors that are on the regular patch choices for the collar patch choices.
Dry Leg Covers GaitersDry Leg Covers GaitersIf you have ever done any tracking in early morning or rain and snow then these are essential to keep in your working dog bag or coat pocket. I love them because after you are done tracking you just slip them off over your shoes and put them in the netted storage bag to dry out.
Extra Patches for 2" Patch CollarExtra Patches for 2" Patch Collar12 Patch choices. These patches come already set up for the Embroidered Patch Collar and have Velcro on the backs of them. Choices are: CP01Police-CP02Sheriff-CP03SecurityK9-CP04K9Unit-CP05Search-CP06RescueK9-CP07Search & Rescue-CP08TrackingK9-CP09TherapyDog-CP10AskToPet-CP11ServiceDog-CP12DoNotPet
Heavy Patch-707560Heavy Patch-707560You can choose from 7 different patches. Your choices are: In Training - Search/Rescue - Service Dog - Therapy Dog - I'M FRIENDLY Please Pet Me - Working Dog DO NOT PET - PLEASE ASK TO PET ME. These working dog patches are made of a heavy backed twill fabric and are very visible.
ID PanelID PanelID Panel with black or gold lettering.  Highly reflective background.  Uses hook/loop to attach securely to item such as Nylon Patrol Harness (763055) or Embroidered Patch Collar (407083).

Available in sizes 2"x6" or 2"x8".
ID Panel - CustomID Panel - CustomCustom ID Panel with black or gold lettering.  Highly reflective background.  Uses hook/loop to attach securely to item such as Nylon Patrol Harness (763055) or Embroidered Patch Collar (407083).

Up to 20 characters.

Available in sizes 2"x6" or 2"x8".
K9-SHOWERK9-SHOWERThe K9 shower ™ allows you to bring 2.2 gallons of warm water to thoroughly rinse your dog after hiking, or after a trip to the dog park, beach or other adventure. The shower hangs from a car window, and gravity-feeds warm water through a six-foot hose and shower head to clean paws, legs, chest or entire body. Dry your dog and load a clean, dry dog into your car. Arrive home with both a clean car and a clean dog.
Law Enforcement PatchesLaw Enforcement PatchesThese are patches for police, sheriff, K9 Law Enforcement, or K-9 Unit dogs. These patches measure 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. This is a heavy backed patch. White letters on black background. You must be working with a Police department, Military, or government agency to purchase this patch. Upon checking out please put your departments phone number and or your badge number in the comment box so we may verify your information.
Nylon Patrol Harness BagNylon Patrol Harness BagA small bag that is made to be attached to the Nylon Patrol Harness.  Made from tuff 1000 denier black fabric.  Heavy weight zipper that covers three sides of the bag so you can fully open the bag to retrieve contents.  The zipper comes with long easy grab zipper tab.  The back of the bag is fully lined with commercial velcro hook so the bag will stay securely on the harness.

Size of the bag is 5.5" x 4.5' x 2".
Platypus Portable Water Tank - 6 litersPlatypus Portable Water Tank - 6 litersHaving a few extra gallons of water around just makes things easier. Unfortunately, having a giant, empty container around doesn’t. Therein lies the beauty of the Platypus Water Tank. Collapsible by nature, they pack flat for efficient packing and the easy-open/close ziplock opening makes filling and cleaning a breeze. The 6L tank weighs a mere 4.4 oz (124g), making it just as practical for group backpacks and river trips as it is for summers on the road. Features very durable film, low & stable design, and reinforced handles for easy carrying.

Push-Pull Cap for Platypus Water TankPush-Pull Cap for Platypus Water TankEasy-open/close replacement cap for Platy Bottles, Reservoirs, and Water Tanks. Helps prevent spilling and splashing. BPA-free, toxin free.

Made in the USA.
Rocker Patches (Arch & Inverted)707560RkRocker Patches (Arch & Inverted)707560RkRocker Arch patches can be used alone or with one of our specialty patches. They fit nicely with the round and shield shape patches. Choose from 14 Rocker Arch Patch sayings: SERVICE DOG-HEARING DOG-SEIZURE DOG-ASSISTING DOG-THERAPY DOG-MOBILITY DOG-GUIDE DOG-MEDICAL ALERT DOG-DOG AT WORK-DO NOT PET-K9w/Handicap Symbol-PLEASE PET ME-CERTIFIED-IN-TRAINING-ASK TO PET.
SD Identification Strap CoverSD Identification Strap CoverThe Service Dog Identification Strap Cover is a versatile tool for identification. With our strap cover you can convert your favorite leash, collar or harness and use it to identify your service dog.
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Note: All prices in US Dollars
Equipment for Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and Rescue dogs have some of the most important animals jobs in the world. Comet-SAR in Training This is Comet, one of our clients. Comet and his mom Stephanie are a California Search and Rescue dog team in Training.  He's wearing our Search and Rescue Padded Harness Vest.

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11" Blaze Orange Pull Tab11" Blaze Orange Pull TabShort Pull Tab Lead that is 11” in length. This lead is quality made of heavy 3.25mm webbing and box stitched. The color is a bright blaze orange. There is a large eye swivel bolt snap attached to the end. The large eye works well if you want to hook the lead to multiple rings.
3 Snap Reflective Pulling Leash3 Snap Reflective Pulling LeashThis product number is for a 3 snap pulling leash. This leash is designed to be used with the padded harness vest as the distance between the 3 rings on the vest coordinates with the 3 swivel scissor snaps on the leash.
6' Ultimate Working Dog Lead6' Ultimate Working Dog LeadThis is the most versatile and finest leather working dog lead available. This style of lead is often used in police, Schutzhund, and service dog work. We make our Ultimate Working Dog Lead from two layers of 3/4" quality latigo leather and it is both stitched and riveted together. The hardware on this lead is brass.
A Search & Rescue Style VestA Search & Rescue Style VestThis service vest is the same as our Search & Rescue Harness Vest but now comes in two sizes and all 11 of our colors. It is not only comfortable for your working dog but it is also stable
A Working Dog-Emergency First Aid DVDA Working Dog-Emergency First Aid DVDIf you own a dog, this new K-9 first aid DVD is for you. The updated first aid section has many new topics for working, hunting, and family pet dogs. You will learn the latest information about poisons, heart problems, bloat & torsion, new CPR standards based on the American Heart Association's new CPR guidelines, and much, much more. If you a working dog handler in law enforcement, the military, search and rescue, or a pet owner this new program will give you knowlege to treat and be aware of medical problems and first aid techniques for your dog
Bark'n Boots™ Grip Trex™ from Ruff Wear — all-condition, all-terrain, all-season paw wearBark'n Boots™ Grip Trex™ from Ruff Wear — all-condition, all-terrain, all-season paw wearOur Ruff Wear Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ feature two major advancements in dog boots—an upper inspired by human shoes and a high performance Vibram® sole. Built on an anatomical mold, just like human shoes, the boot’s upper maintains a consistent size, shape, and fit.
bark’n boots™ polar trex™ from Ruffwearbark’n boots™ polar trex™ from RuffwearCross-country skiing, back country skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, skijoring, mountaineering, hiking and walking in snow, ice and other cold and inclement weather conditions.
Best Reflective Safety Vest w/No handleBest Reflective Safety Vest w/No handleThis Reflective Safety Vest is more than a mere safety cape. During day or night hours the harness is a highly visible vest. In the same manner that we construct all our vests we have designed and constructed this reflective vest. Using the best materials the exterior is made from sturdy 1000 denier blaze orange fabric. This is a very bright material with a durable finish. The interior lining is soft orange fleece for added comfort to the dog. There is a reflective grab handle for the handler
Bringsel StickBringsel StickThe bringsel is used in S&R training as an indicator of the found tracked object/person. The bringsel snaps on the dog’s collar and when the dog has located the missing object or person the dog grabs the bringsel into its mouth and returns to the handler.
Canine Deployment MatCanine Deployment MatThis canine deployment mat is made with heavy-duty ballistic material. Excellent for wet or snowy weather conditions or when working on rough terrain where the surface may be uncomfortable. To give your K9 a comfortable place to rest while training, we made these mats with 1 ½” thick foam. The carry strap you can easily stored while training with this mat. This mat can also be used as a dog bed!
Cold Weather Field CoatCold Weather Field CoatOur Cold Weather Field Coat is made with two layers of fabric. The top layer is a 1000 denier nylon fabric/urethane coated. The lining is a soft fleece material. All seams are bound and reinforced. It has an adjustable girth strap.

This coat provides comfort to those dogs that work outdoors in cold weather. The coat slips over the dog's head, under its chest and buckles around the girth. The coat covers much of the dog's back. The leg openings are cut high enough to allow good movement while providing coverage and protection for the chest.

Water proof and fleece lined
Cold Weather Service Dog CoatCold Weather Service Dog CoatOur Service Dog Cold Weather Coat was designed to give a little comfort to those working dogs that face the cold weather elements daily. The dogs jackets are very easy to put on the dog as they slip over the dogs head and have an adjustable girth strap. The buckle for the girth strap is set back on the padded part of the strap flap so it will never rub against the dog.
Detection Dog IDDetection Dog IDThe Detection DogID is made from aluminum. It is coated on both sides and then the ID information is baked into the finish using a simulation process. This gives it a strong bonded finish.  There is the ability to have custom wording alon the sides of the picture, words running vertical.

The slot at the top allows you to: 1) You can hook it through the snap hook that is on our cape or padded harness vest. 2) You can purchase a plastic & metal clip or split ring clip if you want to attach the ID to a bag, coat, collar, etc. 3) You can purchase a lanyard and hang the ID around your neck.
Double Handle LeadDouble Handle LeadDouble Handle leash gives you just that little extra control when needed. This is a multi purpose lead because it has a loop handle at one end and the other end where the 3” bolt snap is located it has another loop handle.
Embroidered 2" Patch CollarEmbroidered 2" Patch CollarThis is a top quality piece of equipment goods all the way around. Our 2” wide Patch Dog Collar is constructed from two layers of exterior webbing, then lined with Berber on the dog collars inside, giving the dog comfort and less neck strain. The collars are individually sized to fit a dog properly. This dog collar has all metal hardware.
Embroidered Search & Rescue HoodieEmbroidered Search & Rescue HoodieThis is a beautifully embroidered Search & Rescue Hoodie. This hoodie can be embroidered on the front or the back depending on if you choose the zip-up or the pullover. The word "Search" is embroidered down one arm and the word "Rescue" is embroidered down the other. As always we will personalize your name for FREE. The embroidery is very detailed and sharp looking. We are offering our hoodies in five sizes, two styles, and three colors.
Embroidered Working Dog BackpackEmbroidered Working Dog BackpackBackpack with working dog embroidered graphic. Choose from 8 working dog designs.  Large multi colored design with high thread count. This embroidered backpack is slate gray & black in color. It features 3 zipper compartments. Two large compartments with interior pockets and a small side zipped compartment for cell phone, wallet, keys, or change. The back of the backpack is padded as is the two adjustable shoulder straps. It is made from 600 denier polyester, 1,680 denier ballistic polyester contrast
Fleece Lined RaincoatFleece Lined RaincoatThis is a raincoat that is super high quality in design and construction. This is a generous size and works almost like a poncho as the water runs off the coat. It is made of water and wind resistant nylon and lined with fleece. The fleece makes the dogs jackets stay in place on the service dog as well as added warmth.
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog CoatHyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog CoatOur combination of unique fabrics creates a water management system. Our unique HyperKewl™ fabric absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered material. Water is “released” through evaporation, energy is consumed, and a chill eect is created. Our HyperKewl™ fabric actually cools the body exactly the same way the body cools itself ... through evaporation.
ID BadgesID BadgesThis is for both the horizontal & vertical style ID Badges. We have recently upgraded our ID Badges to a new plastic card material that is 30 milligrams thick. We are no longer offering the older style laminated ID card. These new ID Badges are prepared using a professional resin thermal encoder machine. It is the same type machine that you would see a driver’s license prepared with. The result is a professional, durable and longer lasting card.
ID Patch - Custom Cloth PatchID Patch - Custom Cloth PatchCustom printed Patch for your dog vest, carry bag, dogs jackets or any thing else you may want it on. This ID Patch can be laid out and have the same information that is on the Laminate or metal ID Badges. This is a permanent dye process that is printed on fabric. The size of this patch is 3.5W X 2.5T and fits nicely on the dog vests. We may have to slightly resize the patch if you need it to be put on the tiny dog vest. You can choose from the type of working dog patches.
Illuminated VestIlluminated VestOur Illuminated Vest is the most visible vest you can buy. It is highly noticeable both day and evening and the safest vest possible for visibility. This vest has been in product development for two years and great thought has gone into developing this vest. With the new technology for illumination we are now able to present this vest into the market place. The color of this vest is bright white but not to worry because the entire vest is covered in clear vinyl so it is very easy to wipe off any dirt or soil. The Illuminated Vest has blue lights that encompass the entire perimeter of the vest and also over the dogs back as well.
Leather Guide Dog HarnessLeather Guide Dog HarnessOur quality guide dog harness, also called canine harnesses, is made from two layers of stitched and riveted leather. Like all of our products we produce them one at a time resulting in a high quality product.
Mesh Bag VestMesh Bag VestFor our Mesh Bag Vest, we have taken concepts on from our Day Trip Pack Vest and our Mesh Vest, and combined them to create our Mesh Bag Vest. This vest addresses the need for a lightweight air breathing vest that has the ability to carry items such as water bottles.
Mesh VestMesh VestThis Mesh Canine Vest is actually a vest your service dog can work in. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind. This is an excellent canine vest for those water rescue dogs and those service dogs who work in the summer heat of our southern states
Metal ID BadgeMetal ID BadgeVery sturdy Aluminum metal ID Badge. This is done by process of simulation so it is baked on for a strong bonded finish. The metal is coated white on both sides for a durable finish, and then the ID information is baked into the finish. This laminated ID Badge hangs in the vertical position. The size of the ID is 3"x2".
Night & Day Safety Reflective Vest w/HandleNight & Day Safety Reflective Vest w/HandleOur Reflective Safety Harness Vest is more than a mere safety cape. This is a serious Vest for Serious Working Dogs. During day or night hours the canine harnesses are highly visible vests. In the same manner that we construct all our vests we have designed and constructed this reflective vest. Using the best materials the exterior is made from sturdy 1000 denier blaze orange fabric. This is a very bright material with a durable finish.There is a reflective grab handle for the handler
Nylon Patrol HarnessNylon Patrol HarnessThis is the everyday “workhorse” of harnesses. We build our American made nylon patrol harness from high quality materials. The 2” nylon webbing is thick very high tensil strength nylon, the buckle is a safety, three way locking, cop-lock quick release buckle, the D-ring is a black metal welded d-ring, and commercial grade loop for attaching patches and panels. The top handle is securely attached and center stitched down in place so there is less chance of the handle getting caught but still being there to grab and hold your dog. There is ample velcro type loop materials on this harness to fit several ID Panels or Reflective Patches on the harness. Depending on the depth of your dog’s chest you can fit 1 or 2 of the 2”x8” ID panels on the chest strap and on the two side loop areas you can fit up to 4-2”x6” patches or panels. The chest is adjustable and there is plenty of adjustment to fit any dog.
Orange Urethane Coated 12" LeadOrange Urethane Coated 12" LeadThese urethane coated leads are very strong and are highly visible in a bright blaze orange color. The material is odor proof, waterproof, mildew and rot resistant. The collars will not absorb water to irritate the dog’s neck. These leads are great for dogs that also do a lot of water work. The collars and leads will stay flexible even in sub-zero weather. They are a breeze to clean, just wipe off with damp rag.
Oxygen VestOxygen VestIf you need to have portable oxygen with you this Oxygen Tank Backpack Harness is a must for you and your service dog. The Oxygen Tank Backpack Canine Harnesses have a specific use as a carrier for oxygen cylinders. It features many functional elements as a backpack and dual purpose of being an Identification service dog vest. This working Oxygen carrying backpack with padding underneath the back plate that goes on the dog's back to give cushion comfort for the dog while carrying the tanks
Padded Harness VestPadded Harness VestPadded Harness Vest (Canine Harnesses) for your Service, Therapy, K-9 dog. This Harness Vest is of the highest quality construction
Patrol Harness - PaddedPatrol Harness - PaddedDesigned to give the dog maximum movement yet enough to show your Team Logo Patch. This Patrol Harness is a multi function harness. It can be used as a service vest or for tracking, patrol work, or carting. This harness is made of tuff light weight exterior nylon materials. It has a stand-up hard top handle.
Patrol Harness with Strobe LightPatrol Harness with Strobe LightThis Patrol Harness is the same style as our regular patrol vest but we have omitted the handle and added a professional strobe light. This is a powerful very bright strobe light and can be seen for a long distance. Our Patrol Harnesses are designed to give the dog maximum movement yet enough to show your Department Patch. This Patrol Vest is a multi functional vest. It can be used for tracking, patrol work, or pulling. Constructed of resilient, strong yet light weight materials then padded and
Patrol Harness-No HandlePatrol Harness-No HandleThis Patrol Harness is the same style as our regular patrol vest but we have omitted the handle. Designed to give the dog maximum movement yet enough to show your Department Patch. This Patrol Vest is a multi functional vest. It can be used for tracking, patrol work, or pulling. Constructed of resilient, strong yet light weight materials then padded and lined makes this the durable working harness for any department. The girth strap is a heavy 2" wide adjustable strap. The chest strap is a doub
Paw MittsPaw MittsPaw Mitts are made to protect your dogs paws from ice-melt burn and walking on hot or cold surfaces. They as well are a help for those dogs who have a paw injury or allergies and need that extra protection. Very easy to slip on and then just wrap the Velcro straps around to desired tightness and attach. The top layer is made from a high quality water resistant 1000 denier materials, the inner layer is a soft warm fleece and the outside foot pad is non-slip suede leather.
Reflective Sheepskin Lined Leather HarnessReflective Sheepskin Lined Leather HarnessOur quality Reflective Sheepskin Lined Leather Harness is made from two layers of stitched and riveted leather. Like all of our products we produce them one at a time resulting in a high quality product. The front chest pad and straps are lined with thick, real sheepskin padding. We have incorporated reflective material throughout this harness for optimal visibility. We have reinforced the two layer handle with a stabilizer; this stand-up handle is approximately 5” tall.
Reflective Snap-on Bridge HandleReflective Snap-on Bridge HandleThe Bridge handle is a Leather Handle with an additional layer of reflective webbing stitched onto the top of this handle.
S & R HarnessS & R HarnessNylon Search & Rescue harness made from thick 2” wide webbing. Along with that there is highly visible blaze orange attached webbing and reflective tape that covers both sides of the harness.
SaddleBag Harness VestSaddleBag Harness VestThis item is two piece SaddleBag Harness Vest for your Service, Therapy, or S&R dog. These canine harnesses are of the highest quality. This vest is loaded with quality and features. It is padded and made of two layers of weather resistant denier polyester fabric. The SaddleBag Harness is very easy to put on the dog as it fits over the dogs head and has one wide girth strap to snap shut.
Search & Rescue Mesh VestSearch & Rescue Mesh VestThis Mesh Vest is actually a vest your dog can work in. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind. This is an excellent vest for those water rescue dogs. It is not restrictive to the dog because it has only 1 girth strap and the shoulders are cut high enough that the dog has excellent leg movement in this vest. The vest will stay in place and be functional as a highly visible tool when locating your dog.
Sheepskin Padded Leather HarnessSheepskin Padded Leather HarnessAll around Tracking and agitation Harness made of heavy leather. This leather harness is great for any purpose.It is the type of harness that I use to Schutzhund agitation work. Most commonly used harness for agitation work because of the padded chest plate and the top handle.
Swiss Bell CollarSwiss Bell CollarA bright, blaze orange collar that is highly visible and a swiss bell to make it highly audible. The collar is made with heavyweight nylon web and has a welded D-ring attached in the middle of the collar. Highly visible blaze orange Highly audible Swiss bell
TECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog CoatTECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat• Specially designed for working dogs, these cooling vests use our Phase Change Cooling Material to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around your dog Ideal for working dogs (police, military, etc) or other canines that work or recreate in high heat conditions Outer Material is 100% Cotton 58F/14C Cool Pax™ are great for all climates, activates quickly and will last for hours
Tiny Dog Mesh VestTiny Dog Mesh VestThe Tiny Dog Mesh Vest is no flimsy piece of mesh strapped over the dogs back. This Mesh Vest is actually a vest your dog can work in and is made from the same mesh fabrics that the large dog vest is made from. It is designed with heat, humidity and water in mind.
Tiny Dog VestTiny Dog VestThe tiny dog vest is available in 4 sizes. After much call for those tiny working dogs we have designed a Padded Vest with this tiny working dog in mind. These vests are less constrictive and let the dog have good mobility while still keeping the vest on.
Track Jacket ™ from Ruff WearTrack Jacket ™ from Ruff WearYou barked for it, and we listened. The “blaze” is back! Your active adventure dog will enjoy the fit and the comfort that this reflective safety jacket provides while he tracks the next great smell. You will appreciate the intense visibility when you’re tracking his course. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or running, this safety jacket offers ultimate visibility during hunting season and in low-light conditions.
Training CapeTraining CapeThis training cape is just that, it is a light weight identifying cape that is superbly sturdy in structure. This product will work well for the purpose of getting a new service dog use to wearing the service dog equipment that it will eventually be working in.
Ultimate Dog BootUltimate Dog BootThese boots are made of 1000 denier coated fabric for durability and strength. It is the same fabric we use on our dog vests so you can order matching boots to go with the vests. Order front and back seperate as the back boots are formed like a dogs leg. These boots come in 3 sizes and 7 colors and they are sold in pairs so you can order a different size for the front and back paws.

Here is Abby.  She is a long haired German Shepherd Dog in training. She's learning to work with the Michigan K9 One Search and Rescue Group

 Abby at SAR Tent  Abby & Chris Moe-Herlcik


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