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  Hunting, Obedience, Barking, Behavioral Modification, Therapy and Assistance, Search and Rescue, Tracking and Companion dogs.  We have it all! 

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 Patriotic Service Vest

One of our favorites

Our Patriotic Service Dog Vest

We designed this vest to honor our American Disabled service veterans.  It is so beautiful and colorful that we have been asked to add it to our product line.  It is made from the same high quality materials that we use in all our working dog vests. The top back portion of the vest has five embroidered stars on it.  The vest has a standing tubular handle, swivel snap for ID and both chest and girth straps are adjustable. 

Check out this vest and the Patriotic TriPack and show your colors.

Climate Control for dogs

Patriotic Tri Pack Vest

Our Newest Vest/Harness!

This is a super functional carrying pack vest-harness for your working dog. You have the look of a highly visible vest with all the benefits of a harness. Done in Red, White and Blue color Scheme with embroidered silver stars. The vest is padded for the comfort of your dog and both the chest and girth straps are adjustable. As an extra safety measure, the entire vest is outlined in reflective webbing. The vest comes in four sizes so even your smaller dogs can use this pack. Check it out today.

Show your colors and support those who served; both the two and four legged!

Say thanks to our veterans both two and four legged.

Search & Rescue Style Vest

Our Search and Rescue Style Harness  is  one of the most durable and stable dog harness vests on the market.   It is not only comfortable for your working dog but it is also secure. Allows your dog the mobility to work, run and jump.  The vest is lined and padded for your dogs comfort. Additional features are extra reflective Straps, a plastic window to display dog's ID, stand up reflective strap on top.  We also have X-Large Sizes for those bigger dogs. Check it out!

TechKewl cooling Jacket
The TECHKEWL™ Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat. 

Specially designed for working dogs, these cooling vests use our Phase Change Cooling Material to maintain a constant cool temperature of 58F around your dog.  Commonly used under military combat gear, hazardous materials suits, mascots costumes, and other apparel.  Provide cooling comfort and heat stress protection in high temperature enviroments.  Ideal for working dogs or other canines that work or recreate in high heat conditions. Help keep your dog cool this summer. 
K9 float coatA Handler Warm Weather Training Vest made in the USA and is the highest standard of workmanship. There is not a raw seam on the vest. All seams are double stitched and bound for durability and comfort. The back top of this vest is made of strong mesh for ventilation in warm weather training. The back large pouch is also made of a layer of mesh lines for stability. On the side there is a D-Ring to hook your leash when not in use.  Choose from 10 different colors and patterns and 5 sizes. 
 Too Hot for Spot

Check out our Mesh Vest

This is a Mesh Vest that your dog can work in. Designed with heat, humidity and water in mind. Our Mesh Vest is an excellent vest for water rescue dogs, and for those who work in the summer heat or humid conditions. The Mesh Vest is not restrictive because it only has one girth strap and the shoulders are cut high enough that your dog will have excellent leg movement in the vest.  Made of three layers of various meshes for strength and stability, this is not a flimsy vest. This vest comes with 2 patches. Comes in three sizes and four colors. You can't beat this for a handsome, sturdy and useful vest for your dog!
Kurgo Surf & Turf

K-9 Float Coat™ from Ruff Wear

Rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing and paddle boarding. Ideal for all canines who frequent the water. This premium, fully-featured life jacket is perfect for aggressive swimmers in rough or fastmoving water, day or night as well as for those dogs who just want to get their paws wet!
doubleback harness
The Track Jacket from RUFFWEAR
Blaze New trails and Keep your dog safe.  Key features are: high visablity blaze orange fabric with reflective design for maximum visability. Streamlined design eash to put on and keep in place. lightweight. Durable and waterproof fabric.  If you are looking for a nice reflective jacket for your dog you can't go wrong with the Ruffwear Track Jacket. 

Jake w 4We concentrate on working dogs. Dogs that are active and have jobs.  Dog products that you are looking for like the dog training collar and wireless dog fence from trusted names like Petsafe, SportDog , Mendota, Dogtra, Tritronics, EinsteinGarmin and Ruff Wear.   

SAKO  6 mo

We have service and therapy dog vests and equipment.  Products for service dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, schutzhund, guide dogs, personal protection dogs, active dogs, search and rescue dogs, hunting dogs, companion dogs, herding dogs, sporting dogs, agility dogs, assistance dogs and all other working dogs.

Check out our pages for dog ramps and various styles of electronic dog collars and dog bark collars.  Shopping for dog crates or kennels? Look no further.  We also carry Frontline Plus,  and other flea and tick applications.  We offer a variety of mouth-watering dog treats. dog toys & tugs and training Dummies for you and your dog.  Need to keep the dog corralled? Check out our Pet Gates! Look for GPS units for hunting dogs and bite suits for your police dog.

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 EPP logo ruff wear  Mendota We started this website because we were searching for an easy and affordable site to buy a dog training collar, wireless fence and additional dog products that we needed and wanted when it came to training our own dogs.  This site that should help you find the things that YOU need or want to have when you get or have a dog.  There are things for behavior modification, obedience, hunting, and agility training on our site.  Anything that you might need to make your life easier.  That's our goal.

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